Casi he regresado a Mexico

After returning home from Mexico I spent a few weeks at home in New York with family, and a few weeks in West Virginia with Mark.  After this short time, it was back on the road again to begin my next adventure.  I know some of you, mostly family, have asked that I continue my blogging just to keep everyone updated on life now that I am all the way across the country.  So I have decided to do my best to keep up with blog entries and at least post once a month or so.

Mid-July brought about my most recent change in location, my friend Larkin and I took a cross country road trip to move most of my things out to Arizona.  Of course the air-conditioning refused to function, so it was a very warm trip, but all in all a great adventure.  We had the good fortune of being able to stay with family and friends the entire way and even got to spend a night in Nashville and experience their entertaining night life.  We arrived safe and sound in Phoenix, and after a weekend of visiting Larks headed back to West Virginia and I got down to business.

In my first month here I have pretty successfully furnished my apartment, still missing a few things but Goodwill is bound to come through soon, and managed to find employment.  I spent the first weeks focusing on the apartment and getting all settled as far as groceries and utilities and such.  I then began the wonderful task of job searching which ended with me being hired as my local Target’s newest fitting room attendant.  Not the most glamorous job I’ve held over the years, but they are willing to pay me and have flexible hours so I’ll be wearing my red and khaki proudly!  I have had quite a bit of free time, this being the only time I have been unemployed since I was sixteen, and have been doing my best to enjoy all Arizona has to offer.  By that I mean the sun, and this may come as shocking to many of you but I think I may have surpassed egg shell white and have moved into the territory of beige, tan is just around the corner!  As everyone reading this knows, down time is not really my specialty and I like to be excessively scheduled and busy, but I am trying to embrace these last few weeks of freedom before school starts and my life is quickly consumed by school and work.

Now that I am settled life has been pretty low key.  I am looking forward to Dad coming to visit me soon, and getting started with my classes in a couple of weeks. My next goal is to become somewhat accustomed to this heat and stop sweating every time I even think about going outside. Mom has located some ruins, a zoo, and a local Apache reservation that she would like me to visit so hopefully next time I post there will be some fun pictures and even better grad school stories!