My life, my brain, my suitcase are all things that fall under this category at the current moment.  As I get ready to leave for my adventure, I seem to become increasingly less able to organize pretty much anything and everything.  I have so many lists in my head, and questions to ask I can’t seem to slow down enough to actually accomplish a productive task.  However, while staring at my endless and somewhat excessive piles of clothing, that I must narrow down to one suitcase, I realize that if I don’t step back and focus on the positives of this experience I will worry myself into creating a miserable six months.

With this realization I decided to stop obsessively packing, stop worrying, and stop attempting to consider every possible angle of my upcoming trip.  Instead why not enjoy my last few days with my family and soak up all of the familiar chaos that I can. With this new mindset, I embark on my last few days in the US.