I made it safe and sound to Mexico! After a rather long night/day of flying and busing I arrived at my host family’s house around 8pm local time.  I am now the newest addition to the Vargas family of Puebla, Mexico.  I have a host dad and mom as well as three host sisters.  Our house is very nice, and my new room is huge! I am doing my best to speak as much Spanish as possible, but I think it will take me a few weeks before I am considered any sort of fluent.  I am definitely enjoying the weather here however, it is interesting that even though it is almost 70 degrees out all of the locals are dressed as though it is 25 below! I was hot in my jeans and t-shirt with a sweater and there are people walking the streets in parkas and boots.  I went to a few museums this afternoon with my mom, and looked around the center of the city of Puebla a little.  There are many things that I will have to get used to here, and many differences between the Mexican culture and ours that I notice frequently.  There will be many more posts about that subject I am sure. But for now I just wanted to let everyone know I am safe and here. Hasta luego.