I am constantly experiencing so much, with so little time to write about it, that when I finally sit down to create a blog post I don’t even know where to begin.  I’m going to try to get a little better about this and work on posting more often, but for today I think I’ll just stick to my most recent interesting Mexican experience. The Super Bowl.

In honor of the Super Bowl and my friend Emily’s 21st birthday, a group of us went to one of the local sports bars last night to watch the game.  I expected us to be the only people there since no one here is concerned with “American Football.”  When we arrived however, I found out that this was clearly not the case.  The entire inside of the bar was already pretty full an hour before the game even started, and the patio where we sat only had a few tables left open.  It was happy hour so everyone was enjoying two for one Dos Equis along with their nachos and chicken wings.  Aside from the brand of beer this was a shockingly American football watching experience.

As the game got started we began to observe our fellow Super Bowl watchers around us.  There were many people wearing Giants jerseys (which I was thrilled with) and a few Patriots fans were dispersed amongst them.  Interestingly enough, some people even brought their young children with them to watch the game.  One of these youngsters was wearing a Steelers jersey, however, I decided that he probably didn’t know enough about American football for me to penalize him for liking such a lame team.  His father was loudly cheering for the Giants which made up for his son’s lack of discretion.  For any of you who did not watch the game, the majority of it was rather uneventful, and many of the Americans at my table lost interest and we spent most of our time talking and enjoying each others company.  The Mexican viewers however, did not lose interest for a second and were cheering for their respective teams the entire time.  Sometimes even at times when most of us in America wouldn’t normally cheer, like on the kick-off for example.

The last few minutes of the game were exciting and we all re-engaged and paid more attention.  How exciting that the Patriots didn’t win! What was even more exciting was the fact that the entire bar erupted into cheers and joyful chanting and singing.  I was intrigued to discover this interest in American sports in another country.

On my ride home I let myself turn this idea over in my head, and realized that what was troubling me was the fact that people here were actually positive and involved in the Super Bowl even though it is tied to America.  I automatically expect to have to defend my home country while here, and in some ways apologize for America’s actions in the recent past.  But here in this sports bar in downtown Puebla, I was surrounded by Mexican citizens who were cheering right along with us for our favorite teams in a very “American” sport.  I guess I realized from a round about, outside-looking-in, perspective that there is a truly American culture, and there are parts of it that I love and wouldn’t trade anything for.

Now off to another week in Mexico, where the learning experience is endless.  Today is a holiday here, leaving me with a day free of classes and other responsibilities so I’m off to wander the city and explore with my camera!