The past few weekends my friend Emily and I have done as much wandering as possible in order to explore our new home.  While some days I feel like all I want to do is Skype home and speak English, I also want to see as much of Mexico as I possibly can during my time here.  Therefore, if we don’t have homework and it’s not raining Emily and I have created an adventure out of almost all of our free days here.

Our first adventure took us through downtown Puebla and some of the artisan markets.  There are so many interesting things made and sold at each stall, that we spent a lot of time exploring this area.  We also found our way to Museo Amparo, where we had the opportunity to enjoy their extensive prehistoric art collection.

Mural in a small park in Puebla

A store full of religious relics

Gorgeous ornate doors

Artisan market

Picture frames being sold at the market

Interesting collection of items being sold...including Texas license plates

Little statue, whose expression matches the man behind him

Another interesting collection of items


Traditional Pueblan painting

Chips and snacks that are sold all along the streets

Our most recent excursion was a trip to Cholula, which is another section of the city of Puebla.  We took a series of buses to the zocalo (or center) and then began our wandering.  One of our professors suggested that we visit a specific church in the area because it is one of the few Catholic churches that represents ancient Aztec gods in it’s artwork.  We found this church, and also explored the downtown area of Cholula.  Although we could not take pictures inside the church, I got a few shots of the outside which was almost as beautiful.

In each of these adventures I’ve seen so many new and intriguing sights, as well as learned a lot about the culture and history of the city.  I hope to have many more wandering excursions, and maybe even some more long distance travels in the future!