Las night I went to a “lucha libre” wrestling match with some of my friends.  Although it started at 9 (which most of you know is almost my bed time) I decided that I couldn’t pass up a truly Mexican experience such as this, just for a few extra hours of sleep.  We all met up and headed to the arena, which was in one of the seedier areas of Puebla that I have been, and bought our tickets, which cost around 5 dollars.  We picked seats in the balcony, which although weren’t the closes to the action, gave a great view of the whole match.

When we got there the first match had already started and the crowds were cheering like crazy for their favorite wrestlers.  We sat down and were immediately offered a variety of snacks and drinks from vendors who were walking through the arena.  After carefully selecting a delicious bag of cotton candy, I got out my camera and went to work recording my memories of this exciting event.

Where else can one buy cotton candy AND Corona for two dollars?

We were seated on one of the ends of the oval balcony, luckily not claiming allegiance to either the “good” team or the “bad” team whose fans had claimed their places along the longer sides of the balcony.  As the wrestlers went about their business the crowds erupted into shouts of support or anger.  The environment was full of energy and excitement and it was impossible to not get caught up in the moment.  Soon we were all yelling along with everyone else and cheering for the wrestlers we picked as our favorites, usually based on their outfit color of course!


Our favorite wrestler…

The whole evening of wrestling lasted about two hours and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I didn’t get home to go to bed until about midnight, but I guess this once it’s probably okay.