Adios Mexico

Saturday morning I said goodbye to all of my friends and headed off to the airport in Mexico City to start my journey home.  As I sat in my cab alone watching the city pass by and reading signs in Spanish for the last time, I experienced a mix of emotions.  This goodbye process had started two weeks ago when one of my closest friends Emily left Puebla early, and then continued at the beginning of my last week when I had to leave my host family for the last time, but hadn’t really completely sunk in until that moment in the cab.  Of course I was excited to go home and see my family and Mark, to eat my favorite foods, and see my favorite people, but I had also experienced a lot in these past five months.  All of this left me with a sort of unsure feeling, a little nervous for the unknown parts of my return to the states.  Will everything still be the same at my house? Will everyone want to hear about my stories?  Will I be able to explain the changes that I feel I have gone through?  Will all the people I love still love me just the same as before?  All of these questions and more swirled through my head as I slowly made my way through Mexico City traffic to the airport.  There was also an overwhelming feeling of sadness, something I didn’t really expect.  I had built a life in Puebla, I had parents and a grandmother and new friends that had been my entire world for a whole semester.  This new life was all I knew for so long and now I would be returning to my own life that has nothing to do with these others whom I had met while studying abroad.  Would we all manage to stay in contact?  Would any of the plans we made actually work out?  Would any of us actually be friends under different circumstances? These thoughts consumed my brain for most of the trip to the airport, once I got there however there was no time to think of such things as I found out that my flight had been delayed two hours which would cause me to miss my connecting flight and be stranded in San Antonio over night.  After some frantic phone calls and lots of trying really hard not to cry it all worked out though and off I flew to leave behind this country I had come to know and love.